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Large Decal Installation Instructions

1. Clean surface using water or a mild cleaner such as windex.
2. Without removing paper backing, position decal on surface exactly where you want it, measure if needed.
3. Once in position, place a piece of masking tape down the center of the decal/lettering to hold in place.
4. Lift up the decal (Side A) and peel the paper backing away from the transfer tape (sticky side) with the decal on it. If the decal does not stick to the sticky side, rub firmly with squeegee or credit card until it does stick. Once the two layers are peeled away from each other, cut off backing paper with scissors.
5. Gently lower the decal with the transfer tape back down to the surface by rubbing from the masking tape hinge outward using a squeegee or credit card as the rubbing tool to smooth out any bubbles.
6. Next, remove the masking tape. The applied vinyl will now be used as your hinge to finish the other side.
7. Peel back side B and throw away the paper backing. Press down decal to surface as described above in step 5.
8. Firmly rub across entire decal and smooth out any bubbles, working from the center outward.
9. Gently pull back transfer tape starting in the right upper corner and pulling at a diagonal.
10. You are finished!
Note: If applying vinyl while outdoors, outside temperature should be above 65 degrees and no more than 90 degrees (If the surface is hot, cool it down if possible). This will prevent bubbling, streching, cracking, and adhering difficulties.